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As per global policies, for the next 10 years: Australia, Canada & New Zealand are the places to go!

Why Study In Australia?


I. Work Easily Post Study: Ease Of Work Visas

Work Visas are now very difficult to get in various parts of the world. UK and US have literally stopped offering work visas.


Canada, Australia and New Zealand on the other hand are very welcoming. 

Just with your education, you get a work visa that allows you time to look for a job and at the same time have easier immigration policies.


II. Get Paid Well: One Of The Highest Payers

Australia offers one of the highest wage rates and compensations plans. Part time wage rates are at $16 and can sometimes even extend to $18 as well.

This allows you to reduce the financial impact as you can earn while you study. 

In totality, you can get some great scholarships in world class institutions, work while you study, get work visas and some great employment opportunities.


III: Stay There If You Want: Lenient Immigration Policies

As per global policies, for the next 10 years these countries are the places to go.

This is primarily due to the chances of settlement in these countries being much higher.

This can easily be attributed to much lighter immigration and other student friendly policies.

Further Benefits

Great Weather For Indian Students


The weather is Australia is conducive for students in India. It allows for easy adaption.

No Language Barrier


Australia is an English speaking country. For Indian students it is much easier to get along.

Booming Economy


Australia currently has one of the top economies in the world having one of the highest per capita income. 

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"The counseling I received made my transition seamless. I got a part time job for $14/hour and a placement for $58000/year. I am really happy and extremely grateful for the support, guidance and mentoring I received."

Rakshit Narula,

Hospitality Management

Le Cordon Bleu

Sydney, Australia

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