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There are 10,000 applications for every seat in IVY League Universities.

Steps To Get Into The Top 1% Universities


Step 1: Dominant Intelligence Assessment

The first thing is to assess what you are naturally great at. We do a multiple intelligence assessment with our smarter counseling techniques to uncover your dominant intelligence. 

Based on that we give you career streams you will naturally excel in. 

Once you shortlist your dream career, we draw out tailor-made courses to help you get placed in your dream career and country.


Step II: University Selection

Based on your profile we give you a list of university options.

They comprise of dream, reach and safety colleges based on your career selection. This gives you much more career security.

More than just the applications our goal is to secure your career in a field that is a best-fit for  you.


Step III: Applying To Universities

The final step is to help you build your essays, statement of purpose and letters of recommendations. 

With this we start your application process and apply to 5-7 best universities. We also initiate an interaction with the university to help you get scholarships. 

Once your application process is done and you get the offer letters, we help you choose the right university, start filing your visa and move on to pre-departure briefing.

Program Testimonial

"I say this with no doubt that Ed-Camp is by far the best counselling service provider I have come across. The team's professional approach helped me decide which career I should pursue after taking all factors into consideration. The way they analysed all universities helped me in taking an informed decision. The team is very friendly and experienced. For anyone wanting to study abroad, I would totally recommend him to be their mentor."

Mansi Gaur,

XII Standard

University Of British Columbia

Review Source 

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