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Steps To Finding A Stream Leading To Your Dream Career


Step 1: Finding Your Dominant Intelligence

There are 8 types of intelligence out of which every student has 2-3 dominant intelligence. 

Using our smarter counseling techniques we analyze multiple intelligence using our assessment to arrive at dominant intelligence.

We then use this assessment to strategically arrive at your best-fit career stream.


Step 2: Uncovering Your Spark (Interests, Goals, Preferences & Challenges Assessment)

A detailed assessment on all these 4 factors is required just so we don't leave any stoned un-turned. 

It helps us filter out the options further and come with a more accurate result. 

When we base these choices based on such varied options coming from the student, they tend to take greater accountability of their choices.


Step 3: Best-Fit Career Stream Selection (Leading To Your Dream Career & Lifestyle)

Your best-fit stream selection is based on your natural strength, your psychological analysis and your dream and aspirations.

For us, it is important to simplify options for you, so that you can make a clear and sound decision. 

When you make this crucial decision with clarity, your dream-career and lifestyle will for sure be right there waiting for you. 

Numerous Students Have Found The Stream Leading To Their Dream-Career. You Could Find Yours!

Program Testimonial

"I had the option to choose any stream, but didn't know what to pick. Now, I have exact clarity on my reasons. I also have clear direction for the future and information on numerous dream careers my stream leads to."

- Nishant Chawla, X Standard Student 

"We were quite confused. We didn't quite know what to base our decision on. After our counseling we are very satisfied with the reasoning and logic, and the clear direction for future."

- Harish Chawla, Parent

Imagine Your Dream Career & Lifestyle. Know How We Can Help You Find A Stream That Gets You There!