What Parents Say About Ed-Camp's Smarter Career Counseling

"I was very confused initially regarding my daughter's future education. But after going to them, the team managed to make everything clear and draw out a defined process. My daughter is now successfully studying her course at Delhi University. Moreover, she is now finally convinced about her career stream that she needs to pursue already. I am now very confident about my daughter's position on her education and career choice she is working towards. Good job Ed-Camp! I strongly recommend to try them for all students and even parents."

Pankaj Bhargava, Parent

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"The most innovative and practical solution provided to me as a parent."

Shamsher Singh, Parent

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"They are truly the best career counselors in New Delhi. I couldn't have had better guidance for my child. I am very happy. I was very concerned about the decision of sending my son abroad for his culinary art education. Their research helped understand every aspect of my son's education, the risks and returns involved in it and helped me take an informed decision. He just got an internship for 29000 AUS Dollars. Thanks for all the support."

Anil Narula, Parent

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What Students Say About Ed-Camp's Smarter Career Counseling

"I actually loved the way the session was conducted. Very informative. I entered the room with a confused state of mind but as the session went on, I was getting answers to all my questions. And the surprising thing was, I didn't even had to ask those questions. They knew what are the problem points are and they had their session designed that way. I have a lot of clarity about what I should I pursue now. Thank you so much."

Hashmit Dang, XII Student

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"Had a great conversation. It took me sometime to open up, but the people were very friendly. I eventually started getting along. I understood how my strengths and interests play a major role in deciding what I could be good at. You should go there once and give it a try yourself. You won't regret it. I still am grateful for the very first counseling session I attended. And the first session was for free!"

Ashutosh Sharma, XII Student

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"They are the best counselors in New Delhi. I really recommend their services, specially the career report. I have never seen such a report and service. Prior to visiting Ed-camp I wasted my time and money with 2 other counselors and regretted it big time. The report is highly detailed and personalized. Stepping into college with this much clarity has given me a lot of confidence and direction for my future. I highly recommend you to visit them once if you are exploring any such counseling service in Delhi."

Vishal Rajeswaran, Skema Business School

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What They Say About Ed-Camp's Smarter Study Abroad Programs

"I was referred here by my daughter's friend after we had wasted lots of money and energy with a renowned counselor and still feeling directionless. My experience with Ed-camp has been stellar. We were guided in choosing the career to the best of my daughter's ability. My daughter realised, on coming here, that her strength lies somewhere else than she had fantasy for. We were given lots of researched data on the Return on investment, potential opening after study, potential growth, potential salary and expenses etc to help us make a informed decision. We were guided through the best country, colleges and courses to help my daughter get best out of her - not by their monetary affiliation. The owner himself took lots of interest and the team was informed and effective. I really don't think it was possible to get such a valuable guidance anywhere else. truly it was much beyond value for money"

Shyam Gaur, Parent

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"I say this with no doubt that Ed-Camp is by far the best counselling service provider I have come across. Their professional approach helped me decide which career I should pursue after taking all factors into consideration. The way they analysed all universities helped me in taking an informed decision. The team at Ed-Camp is very friendly and experienced. For anyone wanting to study abroad, I would totally recommend them to hire Ed-Camp's services."

Mansi Gaur

Bachelor Of International Economics

University Of British Columbia, Canada

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