ED-CAMP: Find And Follow Your Dream Career
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Find And Follow Your Dream Career: Himmat, Kuch Bada Sochne Ki!

There are students who are have immense potential, caliber and the right attitude to achieve the highest goals in their life. They have what it takes to touch excellence, but lack the clarity and courage to find and follow their dream careers. There are students who have the aspiration, but don't have the courage to  go beyond the boundaries of their home country.

There are parents who want the best for their children, they want them to pursue their biggest dreams, they have all the required resources but lack the required direction. They want to give them the best, but don't know how. 

There are schools that are incubators of change, who want to produce students with the clarity and courage to think and act for themselves. They offer an environment to produce academic excellence but don't know how to instill in their students the ability to think big and choose careers that resonate with them the most.

Ed-camp offers you the best in career planning to give students the courage to find their dream careers.

Himmat, Kuch Bada Sochne Ki!

Ed-Camp: Follow Your Dream Career 

India | Abroad

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